Mbako cleaned up their 4th building already

Every now and then Mbako we end up in Mbako to inaugurate on of their buildings.  Today it's building no. 4.  This leaves us only one more building with 3 classrooms to be renovated. That we will do in 2019.  In 2020, we will start the construction of a 4-classroom building.  That will take away the pressure in some classes as this school has today only 9 classrooms and 12 teachers for about 730 children. In a further future, provided they will have enough teachers, another such building is in our planning.

The ceremony was as usual with the pupils singing the songs they wrote themselves for the occasion.  We gave them a footbal and a netbal, so they have proper stuff to play their sports.  WE listened to several speeches and then it was time to cut te ribbon.


Fons Maex