Malema renovates all 3 existing buildings in one go!

The people from Malema did their very best.  In less than 2 months, they got the job done. We thought this deserved a remuneration:  in 2019, we will build an extra building with the 2 missing classrooms and a space for a library, which also can surve as a (future) computer class.  Then this school community will have everything it needs infrastructure-wise.

The ceremony was very nice with singing, dancing and off course the inevitable speeches.  We had the time to talk with the parents about the link between poverty and non-education, something they understood very well. We gave them a few balls for their sportsteams and they honored me with the signs of "mwaka" (chief).  

I'm looking forward to see the final building completed next year.  It will be great for those nearly 400 kids and teachers to work in a stimulating environment.

Fons Maex