Kanga gets a second building done

The speed is picking up in Kanga.  Where the first building took more than 14 months to complete, once they started this building, it took them only 2 months to get the job done. Only the roof still needs to receive a second coating, which was foreseen for the enxt days. Meanwhile, they have started the renovation of the last existing building, something they agreed to finish before the start of the new school year in January.

The big project for 2019 will become the construction of a new 4-classroom as with the existing 6 classrooms (including the building still to be renovated) there is a huge shortage for their 560+ pupils. This new building is extremely important as it will give us at least one classroom for each grade.  They might have even the possibility to split 2 classes provided they will receive extra teachers.  Extra buildings will follow as soon as the government provides extra teachers.

During the handover ceremony, we received a chicken and rice as a gift.  We can't wait to start that new building, which is so much needed.

Fons Maex