The end of my frustrations in Talatala :-)

This was a project which did not seem to come to an end. We supplied materials to give a serious overhaul of a building, which they could not use anymore because of too bad!  As they claimed it was extremely urgent we started supplying the first sand and gravel end of 2016.

This school is located next to the big road from Kyela to Matema, a road we take several times a week.  For more than 2 years we had to see that hardly anything happened and if a macon finally started, the work was interrupted after only a few days already. So for Michael, my engineer, and myself this became our biggest frustration among all the projects we were running at any time.

But today, everything came to an end.  A weared out, partially collapsed building has turned into a magnificent building with 3 classrooms and a headmaster office.

Inspired by the result of their work, they already started up the renovation of a second building with left-over materials.  That should be ready within 2 weeks.  We told them, if they manage that, we will give the materials to also clean up the last remaining building.  This is something we see in many cases: the first building takes quite a long time, but then they can't wait to attack the next buildings.  Who are we to stand in their way?  Our budget allows such deviations from our planning.

Fons Maex