Lema completes their 2 last buildings

Whaw!  What an achievement. Lema was one of the last villages we did visit to make an inventory of their needs and to measure up existing buildings for renovation.  We are now less than 2.5 years later and a weared out school with dirty and old buildings changed into a beautiful campus with enough classrooms for their nearly 400 pupils. It's so motivating to work together with such a village.  I can tell you:  when we will start drilling water wells, this village will be one of the first!!!

As always we got a warm welcome.  The pupils had prepared a lot of singing and dancing.  Very beautiful.  We gave them some balls for their football and netball teams. I got a bag of rice and a chicken.  After the ribbon cutting, we left the village with a very proud feeling in our hearts. We are looking forward to come back for our future projects like a water well, new toilets, a public bathhouse and teacher houses.  There is still so much to do! But somewhere, we will get there!

Fons Maex