Lamya completes a brand new 4-classroom building

I love to come to Lamya.  When we came first to Lamya, situated in the middle of the rice fields, the situation was dramatic.  They tried to construct a 2-classroom building but got stuck at lintel level.  2 other buildings were on the verge of collapse.  But they rolled up their sleeves and started working, very hard.  Already in October 2017, we handed over the first building.  Today, only 14 months later, they replaced the 2 collapsing buildings with an impressive new 4-classroom building.

What is left now is the renovation of another building, which counts 3 rooms.  Then they will have 8 classrooms, a staff room and a headmaster office.  This is a job for 2019. After that, there is still a small building left in quite a bad shape, but we believe we can renovate this and make it serve as a storage and also as a library and (future) computer classroom. We will take that on in 2020.

Fons Maex