Kasumulu cleaned up all 4 remaining buildings

It was impressive to see the school upon arrival: all the buildings looked like new.  This has become a really inspiring place for teachers and pupils, something the results of the school do show.  92% of the pupils of the 7th grade (last year in primary schools) succeeded.  This was up from 50% two years ago.  We have set our target on 100% for this year.

The ceremony was nice.  Some pupils performed a theater play about a crazy mother who went to a witch doctor to ask him to kill her daughter as she believed that would cure her.  The story eventually got a happy ending, but you should know that one month before in the neighboring regio 10 children got murdered and some of their organs eaten as still some people do believe that this will bring them good fortune. So this was a very actual theme, brought forward by these young kids. Well done!

Fons Maex