2 buildings in one go in Ilopa

I like Ilopa.  You ask them to renovate a building in 2017 and they do it.  You agree with them that the 2 remaining buildings will be renovated before the end of 2018 and here we are!  This village is really committted to their school and it's with great pleasure that we told them that in 2019 we will build a new 3-classroom building, so that they will have all the classrooms still needed plus an extra room which can serve as library and (hopefully) future computer classroom.

The handover ceremony was nice with singing and dancing.  We could not escape a few speeches.  We also donated a footbal and a netbal so the kids can play not with real balls instead of some lumps of textile tied together with a rope.  After the ribbon cutting we were offered some green bananas, which will bring pleasure to the local orphanage.

Fons Maex