Maendeleo opens another 5-classroom building

Maendeleo is another of those big primary schools around Kyela, our district capital.  With almost 1250 pupils, they have big needs.  With the new classrooms included they have now 19 classrooms and 16 teachers. 6 of those classrooms (3 buildings) and the administrative block still need renovation.

This new building is the result of the cooperation between the government and Cocoa for Schools. The advantage here was that the labor costs could be paid by money from the government, reducing the pressure on the village to collect money for paying the macons and other professionals. As we did not have to wait for those contributions, the work could move on much faster.

The handover ceremony was graced with the presence of Hon. Albert Chalamilla, the regional commissioner of Mbeya.  That made that we had a big audience with all the dignitaries of the district present.  Also a lot of parents showed up. During his speech the RC pointed out the investments the government made so far in education and why education is so important for everybody. In my short speach I commended the government for this joint project and I asked the RC for his help to get more teachers to our district, what could help to curb the overpopulation in many classrooms.

Unortunately, for some unknown reason, we do not have pictures of this event.

Fons Maex