Second try at Ikomelo (Ky): now the building is ready!

This little villa on the top a a hill managed to finalize the renovation of their second building.  We were there 2 months ago but had to conclude that the building was far from ready and could not be inaugurated in that state.  But today, it was different.

Ikomelo is a small school with not that many parents.  That also means that they have to do quite an effort to get some money together for paying for the labor as we only supply the construction materials and provide technical support with our engineer.

It was a sympathic ceremony with kids dancing and singing.  Also the local dancers performed some traditional dances and off course we had to listen to quite some speeches, incluiding the traditional one with "the challenges", a list of all the needs of the school.

They are very motivated and wanted to renovate third and last building within the next 2 weeks.  To reward them, we gave them an extra 30 desks, so all the kids can sit decently.

Fons Maex