Mbambo completes the renovation of their second building

Mbambo is one of the bigger schools in the 22 villages of Busekelo, where we have activities. With more than 800 pupils, the school needs a lot of things done.  The 3 cleaned up classrooms will certainly help.  They are nearly ready with another building.  That will leave us with only one more building for renovation.  That we will do in 2020, as in 2019 we will help them construct an extra 4-classroom building to take the stress away from too many children in one classroom.  Once they have enought teachers, we might repeat that once more.

This village changed enormously.  We had so many problems getting the first building done. Now it is the opposite: they keep asking extra funding so they can move on faster with the other buildings.  Something we see in more villages: once they have seen how beautiful a building can become after completion or renovation, they want them all done very fast, which is not always possible as we have our budget restraints.

We had a nice inauguration ceremony, with kids dancing and singing.  Also some village people did some traditional dancing.  We gave the sportsteams some balls and we received two enormous bags with cocoa pods.  We will have them fermented and dried by one of our woman groups.  Then it was time for ribbon cutting and some final pictures.

Fons Maex