Matwebe works fast: a second building gets ready!

Matwebe is a small village in Rungwe.  With rainfall that night, the road to here was very slippery, as their soil contains a lot of clay.  But it's a nice drive between large fields with tea, which can be grown here in abundance.

Only 3 months ago, they completed a first building and today we are back again.  So we told them we will keep our promise to build the extra classrooms, they still need.  As we will have to wait a few months for the brickmaking machine, we decided to gave their last existing building a good clean-up. They will start next week and complete that by mid April.  This was originally planned for 2020, but we decided to shift this forward: never stand in the way of people who want to work :-)

There was only one disappointing note:  although the school results are getting better, the 67% pupils, who passed in 2018 is very low compared with the figures we see in other schools (from 85% up to 100%).   We had a serious discussion about this and we all agreed to set the target for this year at 85% and for 2020 the 90% mark has to be passed.

Fons Maex