Also a new building for Mwaya

This was a special handover ceremony as we combined 2 villages together, Lugombo and Mwaya.  Both were very late in completing their projects.  They each need now to renovate another 3 buildings in their villages.  As these are relatively minor renovations, we told them we expect those buildings to be cleaned up by the end of the year, otehrwise they face the risk to be removed for a long time from our list.  They agreed and promised to work hard.  Let's wait and see!

During the ceremony we got a group of dancers, performing tribal dances.  That was really good.  After the ribbon cutting, we got together in one of the new classrooms.  In this confined area, the vibrations of the drums went deep in our bodies and stimulated us to join the dancers.  Unfortunately, because of not using a flash, all pictures failed.  So you will have to believe me when I tell you that the public liked very well my dancing talents :-)

Fons Maex