A fantastic job at Isuba!

We had to wait for a long time, but finally the job is done!  2 old buildings on the verge of collapse were combined to a beautiful building with 2 classrooms, a teacher and a headmaster office.  They will now start working on the 2 remaining buildings to bring them in line with the new building.  One of them should be completed already in July.

We had a nice ceremony with a lot of songs especially made by the pupils for the occasion. Also a local rapper made a short performance.  He asked for some metal goal posts as their wooden goal posts are always rotting away in this quite wet area.  It was a pleasure to promise them we would take care of that.

The village had also decided to make me "mwaka" or chief.  So they dressed me up for the occasion and gave me also a spear.  This is a symbol with which they ask me to protect their community. Its quite an honor.

Fons Maex